About Us

Kwanele’s reputation for integrity is a core value within our operation and probably one of our most valuable assets. As a preferred contractor to all of the mayor mining houses in South Africa, we constantly strive to add value to the benefit of our clients. We achieve this through honest, regular communication and in short we delivering more than what was anticipated by the client, in a shorter time.

We are highly committed to SHEQ management thus helping in restoring confidence in workplace ethics and practices. We believe this duel focus will help us create a more congruous and productive working environment for clients and staff alike.

This cultural and economic identity of South Africa is an integral part of Kwanele and one that will ensure the continued growth, financial success and sustainability of this thriving 100% South African-owned business.

As part of Kwanele’s Company objectives we are constantly creating an awareness of the importance of further education and training by making a visible effort and contribution in education and training of all employees.

At Kwanele we embrace change - adapting to change is the key to survival in the current mining industry and we have inbuilt systems that enable us to adjust our strategy when and wherever a specific need is identified.

We prefer to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to industry and market fluctuations.

As part of a proactive approach in order to keep abreast of new developments in mining underground equipment industry we started to design and build underground equipment for the South African market with the use of South African expertise, thus addressing cost and availability.

We believe that we will be a benefit to your operations and endeavor to assist you in achieving your company objectives

Yours truly

Leon van Volenstee

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